Assoc. Prof. Lucy Vojtova Ph.D.

The Advanced Biomaterials Group primarily deals with the development of new nanostructured polymer-composite biomaterials that induce connective tissue growth, thereby accelerating healing, preventing infection and promoting overall tissue regeneration.

The main focus of the group is research and development of resorbable biomaterials with controlled release of bioactive substances for the replacement of soft and hard tissues, especially skin and bones.

  • ​Synthesis and functionalisation of organic polymers and copolymers
  • 'Smart' hydrogels for controlled drug delivery
  • Hemostatics 
  • Nanoparticular drug delivery systems
  • 3D printing and bioprinting

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XV. mezinárodní konference „Bioimplantologie 2024“

XV. MEZINÁRODNÍ KONFERENCE BIOIMPLANTOLOGIE A REGENERATIVNÍ MEDICÍNA 2024 Termín konference: 25.-26. dubna 2024 Konference nabídne široké spektrum aktuálních a kvalitních informací nejen pro…
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International Workshop on Characterization of Syntehic and…

In the framework of the project Interreg ATCZ 287 TECHBIKOMForest industry waste biomass processing technology for advanced polymer compositesit is our pleasure to invite you to anInternational…
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International Workshop on Bone and Soft tissues engineering

In the framework of the projectLow-temperature 3D Printing of Bio-Functionalized Ceramic Bone Implants with Adjustable Mechanical PropertiesprofiBONEit is our pleasure to invite you to…
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profiBONE Czech-Icelandic Project for Personalized Implants

  Low-temperature 3D Printing of Bio-Functionalized Ceramic Bone Implants with Adjustable Mechanical Properties The objective is to establish close multidisciplinary cooperation between…
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