Research areas

  • Synthesis of specialty organic and organic-inorganic polymers and copolymers
  • Syntheses of biomedical polymers
  • ​Synthesis of biopolymeric materials for tissue engineering and drug delivery
  • Functionalized polymers and copolymers for medical applications
  • Bioresorbable materials with controlled life time
  • Bioactive hydrogels for regenerative medicine
  • "Smart" hydrogels for controlled drug delivery
  • Nanostructured polymer composites for tissue engineering
  • “Smart” thermosensitive life-time controlled hydrogels.
  • Synthesis and characterization of biodegradable polyurethane films and composites.
  • Physical and chemical crosslinking of hydrogels.
  • Spinning of functional nanofibers.
  • “In-situ” preparation of nanoparticles and core-shell heterogeneous nanoparticles.
  • (Bio)polymer-based hydrogels, fibers and scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Major Equipments

  • GPC/SEC Agilent gel chromatography comprising unique Wyatt Detectors (18 angle MALS, DLS, UV, RI and viscometer supplied with both column and FFF separation systems).
  • Circular dichroism spectrophotometer JASCO J-1500 with fluorescent and UV-VIS measurement, Calypso-CG-MALS and SDS page Bio-Rad electrophoresis.
  • Pilot scale freeze drier Martin Christ Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus (0.7 m2).
  • Range of all-glass vacuum-lines for advanced polymerizations and syntheses.
  • Gel chromatography analysis of polymers.
  • State of the art glove box Jacomex GP (<1 ppm O2/H2O).
  • Perkin Elmer Clarus 680 gas chromatography.

Targeted Applications

  • Injectable hydrogels and composites for drug delivery and bone adhesion/regeneration.
  • Amphiphilic nanofibers as a platform for disease modeling and cancer treatment.
  • Antibacterial hydrogels with nanoparticles for soft tissue regeneration.
  • Highly elastomeric biodegradable polyurethanes for vascular grafts.
  • Collagen-based composite scaffolds with blood derivatives for tissue regeneration.
  • Novel polymeric materials for 3D bioprinting of soft and hard tissues.
  • Bio- and thermodegradable polyurethane foams for industrial application.


​Assoc. Prof. Lucy Vojtová, Ph.D.
Research Group Leader