Bone glue developed by CEITEC scientists and doctors from the University Hospital Brno can be used for complicated fractures

Accident rates are increasing and fractures are, unfortunately, their normal part. When a fracture occurs, it is always necessary to immobilize the injured limb for a few weeks. In the case of fracture fractures with many bone fragments interfering with the joint, there is sometimes poor fracture healing. In these cases, it is often necessary to approach the surgical solution, but even this procedure may not yield a satisfactory treatment outcome. The patient may then suffer from limitation of the injured joint's momentum and chronic pain of the injured limb associated with premature development of post-traumatic arthrosis.

Bone glue developers doc. Lucy Vojtová and MUDr. Milan Krtička

Injectable bone glue

Bone glue developers doc. Lucy Vojtová and dr. Lenka Michlovská