Lyophilizator / Freeze Dryer, Christ Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus

Lyophilizator / Freeze Dryer, Christ Epsilon 2-10D LSCplus, CEITEC Biomaterials


  • General-purpose, high-performance pilot unit featuring stainless steel shelves with internal heat transfer media channels for heating and cooling, enabling it to meet even the most stringent demands of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 
  • Variable drying options using five shelves with a total area of 0.7 m2, shelf spacing 59 mm.
  • Freeze drying (sublimation) of products according to set values for time, temperature and pressure limits.
  • Device is ideal for product development and small-scale production activities. All operations are possible inside a double chamber system.


  • High performance universal unit for the freeze drying of solid or liquid products in a wide variety of vials, trays or other containers. 
  • Typical applications for freeze drying are materials such as bacterial and virus cultures, blood plasma, serum fractions, antibodies, sera, vaccines, biopharmaceutical complex proteins, plant extracts and diagnostic test kits.
    • for preserving the characteristics of the original substances (e.g. pharmaceutical products or coffee)
    • for preserving the original form (e.g. animal preparations, archaeological objects, flowers or books)
    • for conditioning the material (e.g. freeze-dried fruit in yoghurt)
    • for the sample preparation for chemical or biochemical analysis (e.g. investigation of trace elements in foods, sludge or soil)
  • Pre-freezing of products on liquid-controlled shelves down to a shelf temperature of -55 °C to +60 °C according to preselected desired time and temperature limits.
  • Treatment of extremely sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products, e.g. amorphous structures with a low glass transition point due to shelf temperature at the initial phase of the sublimation process is max. -55 °C.
  • Final drying of products with preselected desired time and temperature limits and high final vacuum to remove capillary and molecular bonded water. Final vacuum is approximately 0.005 mbar (depending on vacuum pump performance).


  • Ice condenser capacity 10 kg
  • Ice condenser performance 10 kg/24 h
  • Ice condenser temperature -88 °C
  • Ice condenser volume 50 litres
  • Shelf dimensions 350 × 400 mm (W × D)
  • Number of shelves 5 (1-7)
  • Shelf area 0,7 m2 (0,14 m2 to 0,98 m2)
  • Shelf spacing 59 mm (354 mm to 38 mm)
  • Shelf temperature -55 °C  to +60 °C
  • Shelf temperature accuracy max. ±1 °C
  • Cooling system 2 independent systems, water chilled
  • Ice condenser cooling system: 2 compressors, 1.2 kW each, in cascade configuration
  • Shelf cooling system: 1 compressor, 0.9 kW
  • Unit dimensions: 1295 × 1190 × 850 mm (H × W × D)


​Assoc. Prof. Lucy Vojtová, Ph.D.
Research Group Leader